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About Us

CultureVations (CV) is a mission driven entity that provides equity, access, exposure, and opportunity to underrepresented Founders and communities of color.
CV partners with brands to create culturally relevant events and activations to ensure that messaging has deeper saturation and impact within the market.

The Problem

There are many challenges facing communities of color. Whereas you have one facet of the community that is growing into the middle and upper middle class, the majority of the community is suffering due to a lack of direction and access. The voice of lethargy and distraction is louder than the voice of participation and purpose. noises are so loud that meaningful activations and resources are still inaccessible to those who need it.

The Solution

CultureVations was born out of the "need to impact" by a select group of entrepreneurs and leaders who believe in the power of in-person and culturally relevant events that tap into the direct needs and desires of the audience at hand.

Case Frame work

The role of any organization, business, or system is to challenge current norms and elevate the constituents into a place of self efficiency.

Entrepreneurial centric events are being created to provide opportunities for small businesses and innovations to receive not only seed funding but advising and guidance.

CASE process - Culture. Arts. Sports. Entertainment. - through events that feature a combination of these elements, we will engage various audiences "where they are."


LatinX, Black American & African Diaspora Communities

Interests in entrepreneurship, innovation, tech, opportunities for change, and personal growth.

Areas Of Focus

Our Founder


Tyreek has been an entrepreneur and a trailblazer since 2006. His firms have provided resources to private, nonprofit and educational institutions. He has always been driven by a deep desire to help people live inspired and fulfilled lives. Tyreek has been passionate about closing the equity gap for the greater part of his life. Tyreek earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Boston University and his Master of Education degree from Harvard University. Tyreek has helped transform the culture and operations of organizations such as Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Crum and Forster, Mantech, Def Jam Records, Warner Music, New York City Charter Schools and many more.

Upcoming Events

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